Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Roll for Initiative: Gencon Pre-show

I figure it would be interesting (for me at least) to chronicle my Gencon experience this year. It is the day before Gencon and we are mostly packed.

After 6, I will pick up my lovely wife and my friends Jeph, Angie, and Evan and make the trek to Indy.

My schedule for the con is fairly light. (Games I am running are in red)

Thursday 10:14am-12:14pm True Dungeon
Thursday 6pm-10pm Dime Stories: The Village at Naranja Mesa JW-204-2
Friday 8pm-12am Dime Stories: The Village at Naranja Mesa JW-204-5
Saturday 9am-1pm Dime Stories: The Village at Naranja Mesa JW-204-1
Sunday 1pm Cortex Fantasy Heroic

This leaves me plenty of time to explore, network, shop, and potentially get my Pathfinder Society on.
I even made a new Aldori Swordlord in case I have the chance to play.

I'll try to update daily as the con trudges along.


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