Thursday, August 15, 2013

Roll for Initiative: Day One, Enter the Dragon

Day One began in much the same way as every other day- with sadness and pain.

No not really.

I got up early to make sure I received my badge. As a gamemaster, my badge isn't available at the Will Call booths. And unlike Will Call, the Gamemaster HQ isn't 24 hours. Gamemaster HQ opens at 7am and is closed by 8pm. So when we got here at 9-ish wednesday, Gamemaster HQ was already closed. Since we had True Dungeon at 10:14am, I made sure to wake up Mary and drag her kicking and screaming to Gamemaster HQ as early as possible- we got my badge at 8am or so.

Breakfast at Panera. The food was alright, but the best part was getting to talk to Bill Cavalier for a few moments before going in.

Then True Dungeon with my hotel roommates Dave and Heidi, and my friends Jeph, Angie, and Evan. Mary, a new friend Chris, and I had never been to True Dungeon before. It was a pretty cool mix of DnD 3.0, carnival games, and actual problem solving. Though we chose the combat variation of the game for our adventure, fully half of our rooms were puzzle rooms. I could get into a long winded description of how to play True Dungeon, but it's better explained here. In the end, the final puzzle defeated us and our characters all died.

I love the art of the TPK. But only when I am the GM.
So sad.
But at least I pulled a random piece of treasure that apparently sells for more than six times what I paid for my ticket to the event anyway.
So.... win!

Lunch at Champions. Good burgers as usual but FAR more expensive than I remember.

Shopping in the Dealers Hall. First Priority was Catalyst Games. Fifth Edition Shadowrun was officially released at this GenCon. And to make matters worse, they released a pretty leatherbound version with the Mayan calender embossed in gold on the leather cover.

Oh gods it's pretty, and my awesome wife let me have it.

After spending too much money, we made our way back to the hotel and I began to get ready for Dime Stories' first public game.

The event went off without a hitch. Two players had already dropped the game, so I had four players that came to the game. With Mary jumping in to play the crazy luddoc Krem, we had a party of five bandits working for La Esqueleta to relieve the village of its stores in tithe. This evolved into a complicated scheme that involved busting into the local Megacorp HQ to  release a mercenary's wife from indentured servitude.

The players seemed to have enjoyed the game, so I would say this was truly a successful first outing for Dime Stories.

More tomorrow... sleep beckons.

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