Sunday, April 13, 2014

General Gamery: Ravage Magazine 2- Review Boogaloo

Ok, I've been a bit lax in updating you guys as to new works.

Ravage issue 12 has come to the stands with the second review I've written for the fantastic periodical. The subject? JUDGE DREDD.

Oh yeah! Mongoose Publishing teamed up with Warlord Games to give us a new crack at an old favorite. And to make matters worse (no that's not right.. better.. to make matters better), the guys at Ravage chose me to write the review on it- a big multi-page spread.

No, I'm not going to tell you what I think of the game here... that's what the magazine is for... you can get a print copy here or download it on Ravage Magazine's ios app.

Beyond that, Dime Stories should be coming to print soon and we'll be finishing up a new city-building supplement for that game this summer.

Since there is a ton of awesome art for it, Superhuman will see new life as a FATE based rpg this year. If nothing else than to get the world out there before we dive neck deep into the skirmish miniatures game.

Also, I am nearly done with my Cortex hack: Dreamscape. Expect to see more about that in the coming weeks.

Till then my fearless readers,