Sunday, August 18, 2013

Roll for Initiative: Day Three, Let's Be Good Guys!

It's Saturday Morning, so with a name like Saturday Morning Games, I figured it was a good idea to do something cool for my gamers in Dime Stories' 9am to 1pm slot. So, I brought them cereal packets and single serving milks. There was much rejoicing.

For the first time, someone chose to be the mercenaries hired to rescue the Village at Naranja Mesa from La Esqueleta's Banditos. In the process of finding a way to keep the Banditos at bay, the mercs stumbled along Butch McCallister (my low level boss before PCs need to face La Esquelata herself). In his datapad, they discovered the Bandito lieutenant was on the take from Megacorp. Further research revealed that Megacorp bought the mine AFTER it had dried up and they had managed to buy up all the mines in the Akauli Cauldron. Megacorp- leading manfacturer of Stargates (the main competition tyrium dependent hyperspace engine manufacturers have for interstellar travel). With the Banditos on the payroll, it was obvious Megacorp  was trying to get rid of the Village and her jobless miners. Despite the shootout that ended the game (and yay! I killed a payer character), the mercenaries had learned of a far larger conspiracy. One that hinted at the destruction of the planet Rath a few decades earlier.

Which got me writing, now that I had a solid idea for the cause of the upcoming civil war we will be exploring in the fourth DS book called Dime Stories: The Imperium Divided.

Again, my players seemed to really enjoy the game, and I found Mary so we could indulge in a Gencon tradition, the Ram. As usual, the Ram had it's fare of beers and Warmachine inspired meals. And as ever, it was excellent.

A final run of the Dealers Hall allowed us to pick up that little game Love Stories I mentioned yesterday, the Age of Rebellion beta book for Fantasy Flight's Star Wars line, and the new Warmachine deck-building game called High Command. Mary got to play X-wing with me and we got to see a few old friends before making our way to Sagamore Hall to try to get in a Pathfnder Society game or two.

This was a total bust.

The PFS mustering system should work in theory, but the places their posters say to muster for certain tiers were not remotely correct. We ended up wandering around asking everywhere if there was room for a level 1 game, but we were scooted along by people looking to play the new hotness adventure ( a level three romp). Even when directed to certain places by Paizo people, we were led to people that could not help us. Complete chaos and a failure on  their part.

We ended up trudging back to the hotel so Mary could change the uncomfortable boots she wore with her Captain Jack Harkness outfit. On the way we ran into Dave Stern and ended up going to Buca di Beppos to celebrate the birthday of Saturday Morning Games' unofficial staff artist, Avery Liell-kok. MMM.. italian food...

Finally we ended the day  hanging out with our friends in Windmill Games playing a game of one of our favorite co-operative card games, Sentinels of the Multiverse.

I didn't get to see all the people I would have liked, and the debacle of Pathfinder Society was really disappointing, but still it was a good day.


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