Wednesday, April 17, 2013

General Gamery: Imperial Entanglements

This post, I'm going to introduce fast, simple, new business card game.

Once again, it's time for me to update my freelance business card. My current card is great. I have a picture of a superhero that I created on the front and the back has my little business card game Convention Espionage! on it. But despite being made of a mostly indestructible plastic polymer (seriously- check this out), and the art and game, it doesn't really stand out. It's not something that really says "WOW! That is a seriously awesome business card!"

I know, I know. That doesn't sound important. It is. In the freelance industry, you need to be noticed. Most of the work I've got is thanks mostly to making some good friends. After that, I like to believe they kept hiring me for more work because they like what I handed in. But I can't always rely on my friends to keep my freelancing career going.

Sometimes, it is necessary to trudge through paths we've never walked and try to get work from companies that I don't know personally. That's when it's important to stand out. Sure, my CV is pretty good with Smallville, Marvel Civil War: X-men, Marvel Annihilation, and the upcoming Red Dragon Inn book among my credits. But any chance you have to stand out is a boon. It's pretty much the first or second rule of sales. And let's face it, the definition of freelancing isn't the work I do, it's how good of a salesman I am selling my best product: me.

One way to help is to keep memorable. For me, part of that is always giving a sample of work (Convention Espionage! is a good example) on my business cards. But the front of the card matters too. I suppose I can make my current card more Secret Agent-like, but I had a better idea. Instead, I am revamping the card to hearken back to days of our youth when Star Wars was as much about the toys as the movies. To go with that, I am updating the game I put on the back of the card to match the theme of the card front.

Click on the rules to the right for a larger image. I will also keep a link to it on the list on the left. 

I hope you all enjoy it.

~The Doc