Monday, October 10, 2011

General Gamery: Kingdom Come (Take 2)

I wanted to have something new this week to show you all, but really with playtesting a new game that I am VERY excited about but can't talk about, and getting ready for a trip to New York, I didn't have time for many new projects. That being said, I am of course working all the time on writing- or rather rewriting Superhuman, as well as my own little Smallville hack, Dreamscape, and a new RPG project for Slugfest Games that has me pretty excited.

But since creating Kingdom Come for Ryan Macklin's Flash Game Design Friday Challenge I've gotten emails asking questions about how I would handle this and that in the game as well as a request or three for a character sheet. So, while caving in and making a character sheet, I decided to pretty up the game a bit. Prettying up became expanding it to include some rules for death, initiative, and character advancement. Toss in some pretty pretty fonts from Blambot and some awesome royalty free art and we go from 500 words to 7 pages.  Not bad for not having time for a new project.

It's still pretty raw and holy crap does it need editing, but I think that's part of it's charm. I'm probably at least going to write an adventure for Kingdom Come before I move on to another project. I dunno.. let me know what you'd like to see me add to it. I'm curious to see how far this little engine can go.

Anyway, here it is... enjoy.



  1. Game is much prettier in this incarnation.

    I have a thought about the game a bit more after going over it again. Not that I'm one to up the complexity of the game, but do you think you might want to split Loot up into it's three components?

    Have Helpful, Vehicles, and Weapons each be their own categories and say you have three traits to spread between all three?

    I mean they'd need their own things, and I can't think of something special for Helpful but I do have one for Vehicles. If you've got a scene, and you need to move in the scene why don't you swipe from FATE and use zones, and what a Vehicle does is allows you to move zones equal to the rating. The rating would work much like the rating in Weapons. The higher the die, the lower the rating.

    That means if you have a tank you'd have, Strong Armored Tank d8 (1). It could only move a single zone, but it could give you that d8 option of what you wanted to do.

    Just a thought.

  2. Oooo I like it.. I hadn't thought to encorporate zones or something akin to it from FATE but that could make things like Tramp Freighter D6 more than just a plot device...

    That is something I'm going to have to seriously consider as I write an adventure for it.

    Great idea Jonathan!

  3. Which if it's more than just a plot device it means it's a helluva lot cooler.

    I think there should be something that applies that numerical bonus to Helpful loot, but I can't figure out what that is right now.