Monday, September 19, 2011

General Gamery: Kingdom Come

On Ryan Macklin's Blog he posted something of a challenge. So, I figured for my first General Gamery post, I would put my entry which admittedly borrows one of my favorite parts of the FATE system, but that's not a bad thing.
The whole concept happened because I was re-reading Annihilation: Ronan for the fifth or sixth time as research recently and this idea has been sitting in the back of my skull ever since.


Kingdom Come

Three shots an’ he keeps gettin’ up. You came to Kingdom Come for the same reasons as most interstellar traders: this backwater moon has more Tyrium than anywhere in the galaxy. An’ this Chitnos has laid claim to yer stake. Now you can’t tell if that’s dirt in yer mouth or blood.

Character Buildin’:

Each character has 3 Abilities: Draw, Grit, Thinkin’. Distribute a D4, D6, and D10 between the 3 Abilities.

Draw is the character’s natural speed and skill be it in runnin’, with a sixshot, or pilotin’ a craft or buggy.

Grit is both the character’s resolve to not be dominated or fearful as well as avoid damage. The Highest value of the dice issued to Grit is also the character’s Health (e.g. a D6 Grit is 6 Health)

Thinkin’ is just that, the character’s ability to reason and think of a witty way out of gettin’ his butt whooped.

Each character also starts with 3 Traits with a ratin’ of D4, D6, and D8 respectively.
Traits can be anythin’ a player can think of in a flavorful way, for example: Imperial Contract D6, Plugged in Piloting D8, Ghost Sense D4, or even Robot Workins D6.

However, Traits are a double edged sword as explained in Doin’ Stuff.

Each character starts with 1 Luck token. If they spend the Luck token, they succeed at whatever Doin’ Stuff roll they are attemptin’.

Each player starts with 3 Loot. (D4, D6, D8)

Loot can be Helpful (such as Synthrope- Tie ‘em up D6), Vehicles (Hoverbike- Fast D8) or Weaponry.

Weaponry does Damage 1, 2, or 3 subtractin’ that amount from the target’s Health. The ratin’ of a weapon relates to it’s Damage so a Damage 1 weapon has a D8 Trait, 2 is D6 and 3 is D4. For example, A knife might be Damage 1 but have Cut Through Ship Hull D8 while Sniper Rifle with Damage 3 could only have a D4 in Night Vision.

Other Folk:

NPC’s are simply a mass of 3 Traits with the D4, D8, and D10 ratin’ with Health the same as the Trait the GM deems most fitting.

Doin’ Stuff:

To do anythin’, roll 1 die from the applicable Ability, 1 die from any 1 Trait that might apply, and 1 die from any 1 Loot Trait that might apply. Keep the highest die result and compare it to the Difficulty or against a Trait roll from an NPC.

Difficulty is assigned by the GM from the following:
Routine: No Roll
Easy: 2
Less than Easy: 3
Hard: 5
You Gotta Be Kiddin’ Me: 6

If players choose to use them against their roll, Traits can be used to hurt characters. Subtract the Trait result from the Ability result and gain 1 Luck token to spend on a later Doin’ Stuff roll. Example: Ghost Sense might give you a heads up from the Nightside Supernatural, but they see you too.

Now get yer guns, the Kingdom waits.

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