Saturday, December 10, 2016

Tell Me About Your Character: Ep.1- The Master Plan and Character List

This was not my idea.

No, seriously it wasn't. This was the brainchild of Matt McFarland. Soon after, Jonathan and Geoff decided to do the same. Seemed like a good idea to follow suit.

The concept is simple: Make a character for every RPG you own. 

Anyone that knows me can tell you that is a very tall order. But since creating a character is step 1 in learning a game for me, this is absolutely well within my wheelhouse. At least initially, I'm going to limit it to games I have in a physical format (obvious exceptions will be games made by me or my friends). Once I've slogged through them, I'll follow up with PDFs- so figure we'll get to PDFs sometime in 2028 or so.

This brought up something of a quandary. For my 30th gaming anniversary a few years back, I'd planned to have all my friends choose their favorite Marvel superhero and I'd run each of the demo adventures for each edition of a Marvel RPG so they could see how the games and characters have grown. While I ended up just running Shadowrun instead, that nugget of an idea stuck in the back of my brain. This might be my chance to exorcise some of those demons.

Whenever I have a game that has made it through several editions, I'll make the same character for each edition to show the changes in design philosophies. Obviously there will be some things I won't fully flesh out. For example, the differences in Dungeons and Dragons 3rd edition to 3.5 is too slight to remake the character entirely, but from 2nd edition to 3rd is big enough to talk about in depth.

So using that method, I'll be starting with the various Star Wars roleplaying games (mainly because Rogue One comes out next week so I've got Star Wars on the mind). I'll make the character in West End Games' Star Wars D6 first and remake him or her in every version of Star Wars through Fantasy Flight's most recent offering.

Below is a list to represent my game shelves, and it will be broken up into categories to correspond with the blog posts as I do them. For now, I'll keep it alphabetical. Every time I make a character or add a game I'll update the list accordingly.

If your game isn't on the list and you would like me to make a character for it, feel free to contact me. I'd be happy to add you to the list.

Oh, and this list isn't even close to complete. But with X-mas taking temporary residence in my Nerd Cave, I can't get to my shelves to write them all down.

Role Playing Games Master List

7th Sea
13th Age
Aces and Eights
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition
Apocalypse World
Atomic Highway
Atomic Robo
Armageddon 2089
Batman Roleplaying Game
Battlestar Galactica Role Playing Game
Big Eyes Small Mouth
Boldly Go
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer
Bulldogs! Sci-fi that Kicks Ass (FATE)
Burning Wheel Roleplaying Game
Call of Cthulu (D20)
Changeling: The Dreaming
Changeling: The Lost
Chill 3rd Edition
Chivalry and Sorcery
Conan: The Roleplaying Game- Petrucco
Critical!: Go Westerly
Dark Heresy
DC Universe Roleplaying Game
Demon Hunters Role Playing Game
Dime Stories
Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space
Dogs in the Vineyard
Don't Rest Your Head
Dragon Age
Dragonlance Fifth Age (SAGA)
Dresden Files RPG
Dungeons & Dragons "White Box"
Dungeons & Dragons 3.0
Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition
Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition
Dungeons & Dragons Basic Game
Dungeon World
Exalted (1st Edition)
Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen- Marq. Edmond A. I. W. S. du Lac
Fantasy Age
Farscape: The Roleplaying Game
Feng Shui 2nd Edition
Fireborn: The Roleplaying Game
Firefly Role-Playing Game
Gamma World
Gear Krieg
Haven: City of Violence
Heavy Gear
Hellas: Worlds of Sun and Stone
Heroes Unlimited
Horizon d20: Redline
Horizon d20: Spellslinger
Horizon d20: Virtual
Hunter: The Reckoning
In Nominae
Interface Zero
Iron Kindoms Roleplaying Game
Iron Kingdoms (d20)
Katanas and Trenchcoats
Leverage: The Roleplaying Game
Little Fears
Little Wizards
Mage: The Awakening
Marvel Heroic Roleplaying
Marvel Super Heroes
Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game (SAGA)
Marvel Universe Roleplaying Game
Masks:A New Generation
Mekton II
Mekton Z
Men In Black: The Roleplaying Game
Metal Wars
Middle Earth Role Playing
Midnight (Fantasy Flight d20)
Monsters and Other Childish Things
Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game
Mutants and Masterminds 2nd Edition
Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition
Mystical Magic
Outbreak: Undead
Paranoia (2nd Edition)
Pathfinder Roleplaying Game
Pendragon 5th Edition
Prime Directive (d20)
Prince Valiant Storytelling Game
Project Ninja Panda Taco
Savage Worlds
Serenity Role Playing Game
Shadowrun 1st Edition
Shadowrun 2nd Edition
Shadowrun 3rd Edition
Shadowrun 5th Edition
Silver Age Sentinels
The Sixth Gun
Smallville Roleplaying Game
A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying Game
Spirit of '77
Spirit of the Century
Spycraft (d20)
Star Trek Role Playing Game (FASA)
Star Trek The Roleplaying Game (Decipher)
Star Wars (Fantasy Flight)
Star Wars Roleplaying Game (d6)- Vyntal "Slingshot" Drase
Star Wars SAGA Edition (d20)- Vyntal "Slingshot" Drase
Star Wars: Revised Core Rules (d20)- Vyntal "Slingshot" Drase
Star Wars Roleplaying Game: Age of Rebellion- Vyntal "Slingshot" Drase
Starship Troopers: The Roleplaying Game
Superhuman: The Roleplaying Game
Supernatural Role Playing Game
Tales From the Floating Vagabond
The Sword and The Hand
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
The D6 System Customizable Roleplaying Game
The One Ring
Vampire: The Masquerade
Vampire:The Requiem
Venture City
Void Vultures
Warhammer Fantasy (Fantasy Flight)
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying Game (Black Industries)
Werewolf: The Apocalypse
Western City
The World of Indiana Jones
Wraith: The Oblivion

Enjoy the meal,
~Doctor Mono

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